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Would you like your real estate transfer anywhere in BC dealt with professionally, cost-effectively and with a minimum of hassle?

Cost Effective: from only $350 plus tax and disbursements (for cash sales).

British Columbia is a great place to buy real estate, and we can handle real estate transfers anywhere in BC.

After your contract has been signed, we help with legally transferring the title your property. We assist our clients with all aspects of real estate conveyancing, offering a professional and cost effective approach.

Why choose us?

1. Cost-Effective. Because we deal in a significant volume of real estate transfers each month, we are able to offer our services at a highly competitive rate.

2. We assist with real estate conveyancing across BC – from Vancouver to Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Nanaimo, Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Cedar, Ladysmith, Duncan and into remote BC. In short, we can usually assist you anywhere in BC.

3. We are a full service legal firm, so we can offer you legal assistance if your real estate transaction has some complexities, problems arise with the property, or if you require legal advice through the process.

4. We can offer an expedited service in many circumstances, and can offer legal advice prior to condition removal.

5. Experience. Our conveyancing staff led by Adrienne Abney (conveyancer) has many years experience in all types of real estate transfers.

Advise your bank your conveyancer is “Collaborative Law Corporation”. Call us today to book your transfer on 250-824-1255.

Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions

Conveyancing is “The transfer of land from the seller to the buyer through a sale”

Our conveyancing staff led by Adrienne Abney (conveyancer) have over 15 years experience in all types of real estate transfers. Advise your bank your conveyancer is “Collaborative Law Corporation”.

  1. The purchase of a home; including condominiums;
  2. The sale of a home including the
    payout of your mortgage;
  3. The refinancing of your mortgage(s)
    on property you already own;
  4. The granting of a mortgage to a
    lender on property you already own;
  5. The purchase and/or sale of a
    manufactured home on land already owned;
  6. The purchase and/or sale of a
    manufactured home in a park.
  1. Initial consultation with lawyer;
  2. Preparation of contract of purchase
    and sale by realtor or lawyer;
  3. Subject removal date ( when your
    “subject to’s” have been confirmed (ie. Subject to financing has been approved;
    subject to your current home, being sold, subject to lawyer’s review of title
    to new property etc.)
  4. Instructions received from realtor;
    the “deal” is now subject free and may proceed to closing;
  5. Legal assistant will contact you to
    obtain all necessary information (including names to go on title,  SIN # 
    and date(s) of birth for property transfer tax return,  occupations to be listed on title; bank or
    lender you wll be dealing with etc.
  6. Receipt of instructions from your
    lender/mortgage broker;
  7. Obtaining title insurance if required
    by your lender;
  8. Preparation of all documents by
  9. Attendance at lawyer’s office to sign
    all purchase documents;
  10. Providing lawyer’s office with
    completion funds and property transfer tax funds;
  11. On completion date registration of
    all Land Title documents and lawyer’s office reporting to you and providing you
    with copies of all pertinent documents.

We offer competitive pricing on real estate transfers.

Please call us on 250-824-1255 or contact us with some details of your real estate transfer and we will provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Sometimes, even if just for peace of mind, you may require advice prior to subject removal.

Subject to availability, we offer up to 15 minutes complementary legal advice prior to subject removal.

We can often assist with urgent real estate transfers across BC.

Please contact us to provide details of your transfer and the completion date and we will try our best to assist.

Contact us for a Quotation or to Book your Real Estate Transfer